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Where it all began.........

It all started back in March 2014 with an impromptu afternoon full of champagne, friends and laughter. One of the six group members thought it would be a great idea to put our love of clothing and accessories into a fashion business and so the Jak + Jill journey began and hasn't it been an eventful ride. The original crew that made this happen was Jamin & Jaime Hall, Stephen & Trish Hines and Greg & Tracey Ewings. During this year the Ewings have decided to sell their share of J+J and go on some new and exciting adventures. We wish them all the happiness, although we are very lucky that Trace loves us so much and is going to stay on and continue to work for us, when she is not galivanting over the countryside.

Jak + Jill is now owned by local couples Jamin & Jaime Hall, Stephen & Trish Hines and David & Renae Buttriss, we are blessed to have a wonderful team that treat our business like their own. 

We opened our doors as Jak + Jill on the 30th September 2014, we have been met with a lot of hurdles along the way. Our store was flooded in January 2018 and we were gutted, having to close our doors for 3 months to rebuild. During this closure it gave a chance to refurbish our beautiful store and regroup. 

In 2020 we had to close our doors again, due to the world wide pandemic. We took the positives out of the situation and decided to branch out and create our online store. We have really enjoyed the ride so far and love our customers, who have supported and shared our journey with us. We are blessed to have such a loyal customer base.

As our customers know we do love to party and share a drink or three or four with them, we do this throughout the year during our in store events.

We welcome all new and old customers to share the Jak + Jill journey with us and hope to see you in store soon.